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Can an EUR1 form be issued retrospectively?

If you have already exported your vehicle from Switzerland without an EUR1 form, the document can be issued retrospectively. However, this requires an application to the customs` pre-inspection office. For the application you need proof that the car was exported from Switzerland, e.g. a Swiss export customs declaration, proof of origin, such as a certificate of origin, as well as a copy of the export invoice or the purchase contract and a completed EUR1 form with a special clause.

Although the application can take some time and incur additional costs, it can be worthwhile if you can avoid or reduce customs duties in the importing country. For example, imagine customs duties in the importing country are 35% and your car is worth 7,000 francs. If the duty rate can be reduced to 0% with an EUR1, you will save 2,450 francs. Even if customs duties are only 10%, you still save 700 francs. For a fee we will handle the complete application process for a retrospective EUR.1 document. Contact us for more information.

Beispiel nachträglich ausgestelltes EUR1 Formular
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